The flagship of dental
veterinary practice.

Agile Pro Vet combines ETI’s world leading dental Box, with a compact size trolly to fit the veterinary clinic.

  • Closed system design allows worry free animal hair contamination usage.
  • Built with aluminum and high-tech plastic – it is highly resistant to pet hits, and provides you with value for years ahead.
  • ETI OptiFlow Block. Allows ETI unique flow assurance, utilizing ETI PST (Precise Source Tuning) technology
  • With 40 years of experience ETI’steam is here to support andaccompany your practice.

Can be customized to your needs:

• Choose your device configuration to set the best combination of 3-way syringe High and Low speed handles.
• Combine an integrated ultrasonic scaler or quick water adaptor for table device.
• Add a water bottle or a quick connect to outer source.
• Optional air-based suction handle assembly or connect to any Compressor/Electric source as required.