Compact size Tremendous possibilities

Agile Pro Box brings innovation and flexibility to your practice – being one of the smallest yet strongest pneumatic dental units in the world.

Thanks to its compact size, it can be used in various settings:

  • Fixed to a table or shelf in the clinic.
  • Combined with ETI trolley and tray.
  • As a mobile station you can take easily anywhere.
  • Great also as backup, and practice station for educational purposes.

It features low cost and ease of service ability, with the outstanding quality of ETI products – It will be your partner in the clinic for years ahead.

ETI OptiFlow Block

Allows ETI unique flow assurance, utilizing ETI PST (Precise Source Tuning) technology

Can be customized to your needs:

• Choose your device configuration to set the combination of 3-way syringe, High and Low speed handles, optional scaler.

• Add a water bottle or a quick connect to outer source.

• Option to include air vacuum system assembly.

• Connects to any compressor and electric source as required.