ETI Dental Unit is designed and produced in Israel with a key concept in mind

 Reliability – so it’s always ready to serve your practice.

The pneumatic control system and components were designed by top Israeli and foreign highly experienced engineers implementing technologies from the Military and Avionics world to ensure :

  • Durability and simplicity of service
  • Accuracy
  • Persistence
  • Ergonomic design and user comfort.

This makes ETI one of the strongest and most reliable systems worldwide.

Key features of 2023 models:

  • Top of the line Dental Chair
  • Led Light – 50,000 lux with extremely high-level vision – colors and depth.
  • Smart Digital Screen
  • Large porcelain tray – for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • ETI unique Gen2 hand tools holders.
  • Porcelain Cuspidor and smart spittoon system, with ETI’s revolutionary BiomatFilter.
  • ETI OptiFlow Block – for unique air and water flow assurance, utilizing ETI PST (Precise Source Tuning) technology.
  • ETI’s Pureflow pedal


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