Quality and Reliability –  At Our Core.

ETI Dental industries was founded in 1979 in Tel Aviv Israel, with a mission to design, produce and deliver the most reliable and serviceable worldwide dental equipment system .

Significant investments in R&D, manufacturing technologies and raw materials selection were made over the years to reach the company’s vision.

The dental units were designed in cooperation with a group of Israeli and foreign highly experienced engineers, implementing design elements and techniques originating from military and avionics technologies and reliability standards.

This made ETI a Heavy Duty dental unit manufacturer – Built for Pros and busy clinics.

This legacy combined with continuous development and technological progress is part of the company’s culture till this day.


Company’s  Values:

  • Fair prices – Excellent Value & Quality per price ratio.
  • Unique costumer support and service
  • Prompt spare parts supply, continuous stock readiness.
  • Contribution to society – Social involvement and greener manufacturing.

For peace of mind - outstanding reliability and durability – competitive purchasing and maintenance costs – Choose ETI. You can rely on it.